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About Us

Dirty Laundry is a New York-based theatre production company, founded by Israeli-American artists. Dirty Laundry is seeking to bridge the gap between various cultures by shedding new light on personal narratives not typically represented in popular culture.

What Dirty Laundry Means

“Dirty laundry” is something that everyone has, across all cultures, races and continents, from the moment we are born, through the rest of our lives. It represents topics and angles in life that most of us consider private and will not share in public to maintain our perceived dignity. However, this is exactly the common ground where we can all meet to find that, although we have different ways to “wash” our laundry, our differences are not that big and we’re all dealing with the same “dirt” throughout our lives.

We start with ISRAEL

Airing Israeli “dirty laundry”, beyond the immediately recognizable Middle Eastern conflict, allows us to create a greater mosaic of the little-known and unseen perspectives of day-to-day Israeli life in order to overcome cultural differences and prejudice.

These Israeli stories are as personally relatable as they are global. As a member of our audience, we invite you to open your mind and heart, and experience a new narrative that might be more familiar to you than you expect.