In Between is a semi-autobiographical one-man show that portrays the complexities and contradictions inherent in Palestinian-Israeli identity. On the precipice between two cultures stands Ibrahim Miari, son of a Palestinian Muslim father and a Jewish Israeli mother. In this riveting and thought-provoking one-man show written and performed by Miari, he recalls his childhood in Israel and brings us into the complexities and contradictions that define his life “In Between” two worlds. With deftness, wit, and humor, Miari transcends today’s political distractions and reminds us of the deeper inner struggles and bonds that link us all.

The play touches upon issues such as identity, culture, religion, traditions, and the tensions between Jews and Arabs, Israelis and Palestinians.   Ibrahim has been performing the show at theater festivals, universities, Hillels, synagogues, churches across the US as well as at international theater festivals. 

Directed by Elena Araoz

Based on original workshop and staging by Christine Hamel

Music by Ben Shcwedener

Sound by Nathan Leigh

Puppet by Jessica Scott

Dramaturgy  by David Gram

Ibrahim Miari